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Kyoto’s Mimurotoji Temple’s 250 Weeping Plum Trees Reach Zenith

KYOTO, Feb 26 (News On Japan) –
Mimurotoji Temple in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, recognized for its stunning flowers, is presently celebrating the height bloom of roughly 250 weeping plum timber, delighting guests with the arrival of spring.

While the temple is famed for its hydrangeas and azaleas, this season is highlighted by the weeping plums. The plum grove, created on a mountainside, spans roughly 8,000 sq. meters and is planted with about 250 weeping plum timber. Visitors loved the refined perfume of the plum blossoms and admired the white and pink flowers, capturing the wonder with their cameras. According to the temple, this yr’s bloom arrived 10 days to 2 weeks sooner than regular as a result of gentle winter.

A lady in her 70s, who visited together with her husband from Hiroshima Prefecture, commented, “The weeping plums are as magnificent and beautiful as cherry blossoms.” A lady in her 60s from Nagoya City stated, “Not only are the plum blossoms beautiful, but the view is also wonderful.” The weeping plum blossoms at Mimurotoji Temple are anticipated to be loved till early March.

Source: NHK