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Japanese Tailor Hikes Mt Kinabalu Wearing His Suit To Prove Its Quality

Conquering Mount Kinabalu is undoubtedly on the bucket listing of many Malaysians. But, some folks push it to the following step by making it tougher for themselves.

An instance of considered one of these cases is Japanese tailor Nobutaka Sada. He was lately a viral sensation after being noticed in a blue enterprise swimsuit and brown leather-based footwear as he climbed the mountain as if he’s acquired an vital assembly on the summit.

Sada’s movies went viral throughout TikTook as hikers seen he was wearing a swimsuit. One of them was seen asking the Japanese tailor the place he was headed, wearing a swimsuit.

In reply, he mentioned with a smile, “I have a business meeting at the top of the mountain (Mt Kinabalu).”

In a distinct video, the Japanese tailor was seen having reached the highest of the mountain and was noticed taking images on the summit, seemingly as a part of his enterprise assembly’.

While many people would like to assume that Sada was a businessman who held a gathering on the summit of Mt Kinabalu, it’s a motion to advertise Sada’s family-owned enterprise. And he got here up with this promotional concept of really going outside and showcasing the sturdiness of their items. An common swimsuit would clearly have put on or tear whereas mountaineering a mountain; nevertheless, Sada’s family-made swimsuit survived such bodily exercise and proved its high quality.

In a Facebook submit, Sada wrote, “SADA’s order suit is appropriate to climb Mount Kinabalu. We have climbed to 2,300m in elevation in the humid tropical climate and were soaked, but SADA’s suit kept it at a level for us to go to corporate meetings!”


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“In addition, I could stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep climb, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain!”


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