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Grisly stays of headless cat present in Kobe

TOKYO, Aug 10 (News On Japan) –
The decapitated physique of a cat with its head and tail lacking was discovered Wednesday morning on the roadside in Nishi Ward, Kobe City.

The white feminine cat’s head seems to have been severed with a blade, leaving the remaining physique roughly 40 centimeters in size.

The timing of the cat’s loss of life has not been decided.

The police are investigating the opportunity of a violation of animal safety legal guidelines.

Since May of this 12 months, decapitated cat corpses and cat heads have been found in a number of places in Hyogo Prefecture, together with Kobe City, Himeji City, and Fukusaki Town.

Aug 10 (YOMIURI) – 9日午前8時半ごろ、神戸市西区の路上で、頭と尻尾のないネコの死体が見つかりました。  …proceed studying

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