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Former US President Trump charged with 37 charges including intentional retention of national defense information | NHK

A federal district court has released an indictment in which several classified documents, including top-secret documents, were allegedly found in the home of former U.S. President Donald Trump. It was revealed that he was indicted on charges such as conspiracy to

In August 2022, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) searched the home of former President Trump in southern Florida and found several confidential documents, including top secrets.

A federal district court in Florida released the indictment today.

Trump has been charged with knowingly withholding information about national defense after leaving office, saying he was not qualified to handle top-secret documents at home after leaving office.

In addition, he was accused of conspiring to obstruct justice for moving documents so that they could not be found by the FBI, etc., and was indicted in a total of 37 cases.

The documents contained information about foreign nuclear weapons and US military capabilities.

It’s the first time a former US president has been indicted under a federal-level investigation.

Special Counsel Jack Smith, who led the investigation, said at a press conference, “Breaching the law protecting defense information puts our country at risk,” emphasizing the significance of the indictment. .

Mr. Trump has claimed that he is innocent, saying that the Biden administration is using the Justice Department.

Trump is expected to appear in court on June 13 and face arraignment.