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Filipino Women Sues Her Employer For Unpaid Wages And Maternity Harassment

The Filipino technical intern working in the southwest region of Japan is suing her boss and an intermediary organization for a total of 5.7 million yen ($39,000) in damages following allegations that she was allegedly subjected to harassment at the workplace, which included being asked to sign a contract that she would return to the home country following her pregnancy, sources close to the case said on Tuesday.

The law of equal opportunity in employment for both genders is also applicable to foreign technical training students and prohibition against discrimination in the event of a child’s birth or pregnancy.

The woman, 26 years old, will file the lawsuit through Kumamoto Prefecture’s Yukuhashi Branch of the Fukuoka District Court following the discussion with the citizen’s group in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The complaint mentions the following detail of the incident. The lady arrived in Japan pre-covid in September 2019. Then after her two years of stay in the country, she became pregnant in May of 2021. She informed her intermediary agency in Oita prefecture, who then told her that she would have to pay a fine and return to her home country. They went as far as having her sign a contract.

The woman says that at the end of May 2021, she was compelled to sign a consent form that she would return to the Philippines. She also claims to have been required to declare her voluntary intention to quit the job after leaving Japan at the end of August, even though she had wanted to return and give birth in the Philippines after receiving a maternity leave.

Japan Has A Record For Treating Foreign Trainee Unjustly And Harassment

The woman also asks for about 500,000 yen from the her employer in Fukuoka Prefecture for three months’ worth of wages that were not paid to her. Her employer, as well as the intermediary organization, have declined to comment.

Japan introduced its technical intern program back in 1993 to impart the knowledge and abilities of its workers to countries in need. However, it has been criticized as a cover for businesses to buy cheap labor across Asia.



Source: ABS-CBN

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