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Dashcam exhibits man ‘flying kick’ stationary automotive

OSAKA, Oct 19 (News On Japan) –
A person in his 40s has been arrested for allegedly leaping and kicking a parked automotive in Namba, Osaka, with your entire incident recorded on dashcam.

The footage captures a person working from behind out of the blue delivered a flying kick to a automotive parked on the roadside in Chuo-ku, Osaka, on Monday night, then fleeing the scene.

The automotive was badly dented from the kick.

An acquaintance of the automotive’s proprietor, who had solely purchased the car per week earlier than, noticed an individual resembling the perpetrator inside Osaka metropolis on Wednesday and reported it to police, resulting in the arrest of a person in his 40s on suspicion of property harm.

The man reportedly admitted to the allegations throughout police questioning.

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