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Friday, September 22, 2023
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“Corporal punishment changes life” Appeal of 17-year-old high school girl | NHK

At first, she didn’t think it was “corporal punishment”.

“When I was hit, I was more worried about the game and the bad atmosphere in the team than the pain.”

In a high school softball club in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, it was discovered that a female student was slapped on the cheek by a male teacher who was an adviser.

It is said that he was subjected to abusive comments such as “I don’t care about you,” and was cornered to the point of contemplating taking his own life.

The softball equipment that I loved so much is now in the closet.

I had to quit club activities and school.

(Kobe Broadcasting Station Reporter Mariko Takeda)

I started playing softball when I entered junior high school. The impetus was the influence of his parents.

How to combine various types of pitches to face the batter. It is said that he was fascinated by the tactics of throwing and hitting, which tests quick decisions, and has continued.