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China urges G7 to not be confederate to financial coercion

BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) — A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson mentioned on Friday that China is a sufferer of U.S. financial coercion, and urged G7 nations to cease participating in unique “small circles” and chorus from changing into accomplices to financial coercion.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a every day press briefing in response to latest media reviews that G7 members will allegedly declare a joint response to “economic coercion” to ship a sign to China.

Speaking of financial coercion, Wang mentioned, the primary nation that needs to be condemned is maybe the United States. He mentioned the United States has again and again overstretched the idea of nationwide safety, abused controls on exports, and exercised discriminatory and biased practices towards international enterprises, which has severely violated the rules of the market financial system and truthful competitors.

Citing related statistics concerning U.S. sanctions towards different nations, Wang famous that, as of fiscal yr 2021, greater than 9,400 sanctions imposed by the United States have been applied. The United States has imposed unilateral financial sanctions on almost 40 nations around the globe, affecting almost half of the world’s inhabitants, he added.

Other members of the G7 additionally discover it laborious to flee the financial coercion and bullying of the United States, Wang mentioned, citing the U.S. suppression of Toshiba of Japan, Siemens of Germany, and Alstom of France, all of which nations are U.S. allies.

“If the G7 summit is going to put ‘dealing with economic coercion’ on the agenda, I suggest that they first discuss what the United States has done,” mentioned Wang. “When the Japanese side hosts the G7 summit, can it also express some injustice to the United States on behalf of other member countries that have also suffered from U.S. bullying? Or at least speak a few words of truth?”

Noting that China has all the time resolutely opposed financial coercion by different nations, Wang mentioned China urges the G7 to evolve to the final pattern of the instances of openness and inclusiveness, cease participating in closed and unique “small circles,” and chorus from being an confederate to financial coercion.