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Casio introduces new digital piano

Tokyo [Japan], November 16 (ANI): Japanese company Casio has launched a minimally designed digital piano that sounds exactly like the original. The ‘PX-S7000’ is designed to provide a rich musical experience to its users.

This PX-S7000 is launched for the needs of modern musicians who wish to innovate their music. CASIO investigated market trends and the needs of piano users to come up with the product, said CASIO official, Akira Ikeda.”We expanded the electronic instrument market with small, lightweight, portable electronic pianos. In 2019, “PX-S1000″ was reborn, and we sold an electronic piano that is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around. It has an excellent design, and it is filled with elements of new ways to enjoy it. There are many users who really want to enjoy the piano. Until now, the only products available to such customers have been black and large-style pianos. It wasn’t necessarily satisfying the user’s demand. We wanted to make players really enjoy playing the piano more freely. It has a hybrid wooden and resin keyboard. Compared to a conventional resin-only keyboard, an advanced player can feel a strong sense of performance and response when playing this piano. The stylish design brought a new image to this piano. Casio’s designer researched world adaptability,” Ikeda added.

According to Shuhei Nakamura of Casio, the concept design of the digital piano is intended to be a piano that harmonizes with everyday life.

Nakamura said, “There is a minimal design that doesn’t make user feel pressured. We designed a piano that would appeal to users who previously had skill to play the piano but are not currently playing it. The new piano fits the interior design of many modern straight lines by using furniture-like, four-legged stands that do not break the view and do not make people feel pressed. It is beautiful from the front, the back, and the side so that users can place the piano freely in a place that suits their daily life. It is designed to be wall-free so that any user can use it freely.”CASIO is a sophisticated global company. The CASIO designer researched global furniture design, particularly in the United Kingdom, to determine its suitability for global households, Shuhei Nakamura added.

This new digital piano, the PX-S7000, is a revolution in the history of global piano players. (ANI)