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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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An element behind the acceleration of the yen’s depreciation Economic thermometer Why is the US long-term rate of interest rising? | NHK

“I’m worried about the rising trend of the thermometer value!” But it is not a thermometer that measures physique warmth, it is a authorities bond yield and long-term rate of interest known as the “economic thermometer.” The long-term rate of interest of US authorities bonds can be used as an index for varied monetary merchandise world wide, and its yield briefly rose to about 4.2%. The “heat” has spilled over to long-term rates of interest in Japan. And this motion can be a think about accelerating the yen’s depreciation.

When I approached the “why?”, I used to be reminded of how essential the “thermometer” is.
(Daisuke Ezaki, American General Bureau Reporter)