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5 monorail vehicles collide at zoo grounds

Kumamoto, Oct 19 (News On Japan) –
Five vehicles on a monorail on the Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens collided into one another on Wednesday, with passengers reporting sore backs and necks.

The collision occurred 5.7 meters above floor when the primary automobile started stopping erratically, initially close to the elephant enclosure, then after a number of dozen seconds, it resumed operation earlier than stopping once more close to the Japanese monkey enclosure, ensuing within the subsequent 4 vehicles rear-ending the automobile in entrance.

Each monorail automobile has a capability of 4 passengers, and a lady within the third automobile mentioned, “After seeing the train in front of us stopped for a while, I thought, ‘Ah, we’re going to hit, we’re going to hit, we’re going to hit’ and then we did.”

Another girl felt one thing amiss in regards to the monorail she had been driving since she was a baby, saying, “I’ve been riding this train for nearly 20 years, but the shaking has gotten pretty bad lately. The outside of the train is rusted. The rails are also rusted. It shakes.”

As for the reason for the accident, Kumamoto City Zoo and Botanical Garden Deputy Director Matsumoto Mitsufumi defined, “In emergencies, the train behind is supposed to stop automatically. We are wondering why it ended up a rear-end collision on this occasion.”

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