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Yamato Transport to alter black feline logo design from April 1


Yamato Transport (also known as Kuroneko Yamato) is popular for its black as well as yellow logo design of a black feline bring a kittycat.

The “Kuroneko” mark, which implies secure as well as considerate, has actually continued to be unmodified given that it was developed in 1957, as well as has actually come to be an acquainted icon for individuals in Japan.

First Logo Change in 64 Years

The Yamato Group developed a brand-new logo design, which will certainly be utilized for Yamato Transport from April 1.

Photo: Yamato Transport Co Ltd

Wait a 2nd … isn’t that the like prior to? you may have questioned.

It is tough to inform at a glimpse exactly how it has actually transformed from in the past.

However, if you contrast it carefully with the mark in the listed below picture, you can see the mild modifications.


Photo: Yamato Transport Co Ltd (ヤマト運輸株式会社 Yamato Un’yu Kabushiki- gaisha)” by Michael Francis McCarthy is certified with CC BY 2.0.

The black boundary around the logo design is gone, as well as the feline currently has 2 legs as opposed to 4.

According to Yamato Transport, the brand-new logo design has actually been fine-tuned to be much more “future-oriented” that “expressed our intention to further evolve the services that we have been providing day in and day out, while harmonizing and blending in better with the environment of cities, towns, and regions.”

In enhancement to the existing logo design, a brand-new “Advance Mark” has actually likewise been developed.


Photo: Yamato Transport Co Ltd

According to Yamato Transport, the brand-new logo design signifies the business’s vision as well as position on tackling difficulties in a progressing culture, wild by traditional reasoning. It will certainly be utilized when creating brand-new solutions as well as companies.


Photo: Yamato Transport Co Ltd


Photo: Yamato Transport Co Ltd

Reactions to the news of the logo design adjustment have actually been blended. Some state the logo design is simply great as it is, while others favor the brand-new logo design.

After 64 years, it makes good sense that there’s a little debate around the icon adjustment, yet as long as the high quality of solution does not alter we’ll all make it through right?

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