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Wild boar attack in western Japan leaves 6 injured


Tokushima, Nov 09 (NHK) –
A wild boar attacked several people in a city in Tokushima Prefecture, western Japan, leaving six slightly injured. The animal remains on the run.

The police received a report shortly past 7 a.m. on Wednesday that a woman was bitten by a wild boar in a residential area in the city of Komatsushima.

They say the animal later bit some people near a home improvement store in the city. They announced that six people were slightly injured, including two elementary school boys.

The police say the wild boar then ran to the rooftop of a nearby shopping center’s parking lot, bumped into a police car that had rushed to the site, then fled.

They say three cases of a wild boar crashing into a vehicle have been confirmed in the neighborhood.

The wild boar on the run is 1 to 1.5 meters long. The police are looking for the animal and warning residents to stay away and avoid making noise if they spot it.

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