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Tsuyoshi Muro Wins Hearts: Even Cows Can’t Resist His Charm

TOKYO, Feb 13 (News On Japan) –
Actor Tsuyoshi Muro showcased his distinctive communication expertise throughout his look on NHK General’s journey and selection program “Tsurube’s Family Toast,” which aired on Monday, charming even the cows.

The episode was broadcast dwell from Kamiue Town in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, on the Okina-za. Centered round VTRs of Muro’s prior go to to the city, residents he had met throughout his go to had been welcomed into the viewers. On the day of the pre-recorded footage, the world was lined in heavy snow. Despite being lined in snow, Muro visited varied locations within the city. At the start, when Muro heard singing from someplace as he waited to satisfy with comic Tsurube Shofukutei, he headed in the direction of the singing with out hesitation, saying, “Hello, I’m just dropping by!” He casually struck up a dialog with a neighborhood resident singing exterior their residence, prompting Tsurube to specific his shock, “You really called out to them!”

In one other scene, Muro visited a neighborhood butcher store. He rang the doorbell of a home, saying, “Excuse me, I came to talk about meat!” solely to search out out it was the flawed home. However, he rapidly apologized, “Oh, this is the wrong house! Sorry for ringing your bell!” and defined to the 90-year-old resident in regards to the “Family Toast” program. In no time, he had charmed his method into being invited into the home.

At the butcher store he visited subsequent, Muro greeted the returning shopkeeper with a giant smile, saying, “I finally got to meet you!” The shopkeeper, charmed by his smile, supplied a present, to which Muro brightly responded, “Today is actually my birthday!” and was delighted to obtain steak meat as a gift.

Tsuyoshi Muro additionally acquired reward from a rancher for feeding cattle. Later, Muro stopped by a ranch he occurred to move by. Although the rancher, who was a fan of Muro, known as out “Mr. Muro!” he confirmed consideration by asking, “Is there a limit to where I can go?” after which helped feed the cattle whereas being taught by the rancher. According to the rancher, cattle often run away when a stranger tries to feed them, however they did not flee from Muro, and he was capable of feed them with none hassle. The rancher’s phrases of excessive reward, “That’s really amazing,” made Muro smile bashfully.

Online, Muro’s capacity to appeal each individuals and cattle has been a scorching subject. Comments included, “Now I totally understand why Muro-san is called a charmer! If someone with such a kind smile talks to you, you’d instantly like them,” “He’s someone who naturally knows how to engage with people. It’s no wonder his juniors look up to him,” and “Mr. Muro! Have you even won over the cattle?” There was a buzz about Muro’s pure and delicate method of talking.

Source: MDPR