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Tepco and Toyota Collaborate to Develop Stationary Storage Battery System – Japan Industry News

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) and Toyota have announced the joint development of a stationary storage battery system with a 1 MW output and 3 MWh capacity. The system combines Tepco’s operating technology and safety standards for stationary storage batteries with Toyota’s system technology for electrified vehicle storage batteries.

The battery system will be installed at the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm, operated by Toyota Tsusho and Eurus Energy. The four companies plan to initiate a joint verification project in the fall.

The collaboration comes amid expectations of continued growth in the storage battery market due to the increased use of renewable energy, electrified vehicles, and the global drive toward carbon neutrality.

To meet increasing demand and needs for energy storage in areas such as environmental and economic improvement, participation in the power market, and Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Tepco and Toyota have developed a stationary storage battery system. The system can be used in combination with existing power conditioning systems by connecting multiple storage batteries for electric vehicles.

The verification project will test the system’s operation, performance, and feasibility, including its potential for commercial use in the electricity market.

Tepco aims to leverage its expertise in the electric power business to enhance the use of renewable energy, meet the BCP needs of its customers, and maintain a stable energy supply system.

Meanwhile, Toyota, in collaboration with Toyota Industries, Toyota Tsusho, and Denso, seeks to utilize storage batteries for electrified vehicles that are safe, long-lasting, high quality, low cost, and high performance. This is part of the company’s broader initiative to promote a circular economy based on resource recycling.

Following the verification project, Tepco and Toyota plan to develop consumer-oriented storage battery systems with a focus on balancing electricity supply and demand to meet customers’ energy storage needs. The two companies will continue their efforts to promote the use of storage batteries and achieve a recycling-oriented society for electrified vehicle storage batteries.

The schedule for the verification project includes construction of facilities and evaluation of the storage battery system in summer 2023, followed by the start of verification tests in fall 2023.