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Sumo wrestlers too heavy for flight

Japan Airlines concluded that two planes couldn?t safely carry the excessively massive athletes along with the required gasoline

Japan’s flagship provider, Japan Airlines, was pressured to put on a short-notice further flight final week after figuring out that two of its planes had been prone to exceeding weight limits as a result of massive numbers of sumo wrestlers amongst its passengers scheduled to journey.

The airline stated that it took the “extremely unusual” measure of transferring the super-sized athletes to a brand new flight after it concluded that the plane can be unable to soundly carry the required quantity of gasoline along with the unexpectedly massive passengers.

“It is extremely unusual for us to operate special flights due to the weight restrictions on this aircraft,” a spokesperson for Japan Airlines advised the Minami-Nippon Shimbun news outlet.

The sumo wrestlers had been scheduled to depart on flights from Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Itami Airport in Osaka, newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported, the place they had been on account of compete at a sports activities competition on Amami Oshima, an island within the far south of Japan.

The newspaper added that Japan Airlines first turned involved about potential gasoline issues late final Thursday after they found that the flights had been to include massive numbers of sumo rikishi (rivals). The Amami airport was thought-about too small to have the ability to safely land a bigger plane, forcing the airline to accommodate 27 sumo wrestlers with the specially-arranged new flight.

The common weight of the sumo passengers was estimated to be 120 kilograms (over 250lbs), in response to the Yomiuri – far bigger than the typical passenger weight of 70 kilograms. “I think the middle seat was toughest,” stated an unnamed excessive school-aged sumo athlete of the return flight again to Haneda on Sunday to native media outlet TV Asahi.

A consultant for the athletes added: “I was joking about the possible weight concerns, but it actually turned into a problem. We had great support, although we are a little tired.”

Sumo wrestling, considered one of Japan’s most conventional martial arts, doesn’t have weight restrictions, although a lot of its most dominant rivals are very massive. Orora, a Russian-born rikishi who retired from the game in 2018, is regarded as the biggest athlete within the sport’s historical past, weighing in extra of 290 kilograms on the peak of his fame.