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Subcontractor testified that “vehicle inspection was forced” | NHK

Problems surrounding the used automotive gross sales firm’s “big motor”.

In response to an interview with NHK, a person within the automotive wash enterprise who was a subcontractor of “Big Motor” testified, “The company asked me to submit the personal information of the employees, told me to undergo a vehicle inspection at my company, and requested a drastic reduction in the unit price of the work.”

According to a person within the subcontracted automotive wash enterprise who has handled greater than 10 Big Motor shops within the Kanto area, final yr, the managers of a number of Big Motor shops requested him to submit details about the workers’ automobile inspections, such because the names of staff and relations, the kind of automotive owned, and the time of the following automobile inspection.

The man mentioned, “It is private data that has nothing to do with the transaction.

A couple of months later, staff have been requested to bear a automobile inspection at “Big Motor”, and “There was actually verbal pressure to” carry the automobile inspection to our home “I think it is impossible for a normal company. ”

Also, in May this yr, he was requested to cut back the unit worth of automotive washing work to one-third of the standard worth, and when he refused, many of the transactions have been terminated.

The man mentioned, “Since about 5 years in the past, I really feel that Big Motor has tended to prioritize its personal income and neglect subcontractors.