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Ryosuke Kakine and Sayako Nagai win the 169th Naoki Prize | NHK

The choice assembly for the 169th Akutagawa Prize and the Naoki Prize was held in Tokyo on the nineteenth, and Ryosuke Kakine’s “Gokuraku Seii Taishogun” and Sayako Nagai’s “Kobikicho no Ada revenge” had been chosen for the Naoki Prize.

Sao Ichikawa’s “Hunchback” was awarded the Akutagawa Prize.

Sao Ichikawa, who has been awarded the Akutagawa Prize, is 43 years outdated and lives in Kanagawa Prefecture.

When I used to be 10 years outdated, I used to be recognized with “congenital myopathy”, which is without doubt one of the intractable illnesses, and began utilizing a respirator at 14 years outdated. .

Over the previous 20 years, he has been creating gentle novels and submitting them to awards. The Akutagawa Prize was additionally awarded as a candidate for the primary time.

The primary character of the story is a girl with the identical extreme incapacity as Ms. Ichikawa.

While his proper lung is crushed and his backbone bends and he has no alternative however to depend on medical gear reminiscent of synthetic respirators and sputum aspirators, the story is described intimately, whereas the tough irony of the lives of able-bodied individuals is humorously portrayed. expressed.

It is a piece filled with highly effective phrases from Mr. Ichikawa as an individual with extreme disabilities.