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Russian army retaliates in southern Ukraine the place agricultural merchandise are shipped | NHK

The Ukrainian aspect strongly condemned the Russian army’s retaliatory assault on southern Ukraine, the place agricultural merchandise are shipped. In the jap half, the Russian military appears to be launching a fierce assault, and there may be additionally a view that it’s aiming to disperse the Ukrainian military, which continues to reverse the offensive.

The Russian Ministry of Defense introduced on the 18th that it carried out a retaliatory missile assault on an unmanned boat manufacturing base close to Odesa in southern Ukraine.

On the seventeenth, Russia claimed that Ukraine was answerable for the harm to the bridge connecting Russia with Crimea in southern Ukraine, which it had unilaterally annexed. Admit it was an assault.

Odesa, a port metropolis going through the Black Sea, has a port for delivery Ukrainian agricultural merchandise. is proof that terrorist states wish to endanger the lives of 400 million folks in nations that rely upon Ukraine’s meals exports,” he strongly criticized on SNS.

Meanwhile, the UK Defense Ministry, which has been analyzing the situation of Ukraine’s reversal offensive, said on Monday that Ukrainian forces continued to attack in the south, but did not appear to have advanced to the main Russian defensive line. Did.

In the east, he said, “Ukrainian forces are spending a lot of effort” around Bakhmut, a stronghold in Donetsk Oblast that Russia claims to have taken control of.

Ukrainian Army Commander Shirsky also acknowledges that the eastern region is in a difficult situation, with the Russian army launching a fierce attack in the Kupyansk area of ​​Kharkiv province.

An officer of the Ukrainian National Guard fighting on the front line pointed out in an NHK interview, “Russian forces are gathering greater than 100,000 troopers in areas such because the jap Luhansk province.” I confirmed the view that there’s an purpose to disperse the troops.