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Rinnai introduces new distribution facility

Aichi [Japan], November 17 (ANI): Rinnai introduced a new logistic centre in Kasugai city of Aichi Prefecture of Japan.

Rinnai Corporation is a Japanese multinational company based in Nagoya, Japan, that manufactures gas appliances, and controls the logistics of Rinnai products such as laundry dryers, hot water heaters, and so on.

In order to meet the needs, Rinnai established a stable supply chain and digitised a modern logistic centre. The organization is worker-friendly and compensates for human labour shortages with a large number of robots.

According to an official, laws and regulations to reform the working style were issued at Rinnai.

“It has been identified as a problem for the logistics industry in 2020. Working hours are strictly managed. The rising price of energy will affect product prices. And labour shortages, such as lift operators and drivers, will have an impact,” Toshiki Ito, the official of Rinnai said.

Every day, about 1,500 product parcels are brought into and taken out of this centre and the products are managed by a QR code.

To avoid wasting space, arm robots are assigned to the delivery area, and carrying robots are capable of lifting up to 700 kilograms.

60 robots could replace 20 human workers.

Toshiki Ito added that the organization intend to transition from partial to complete suitability which entails improving the pervasive flow of logistics from product completion to delivery to the customer.

“A production factory was established in the United States, and we supply parts to that factory. Due to the shortage of carrying ships and containers, the overseas carrying fee is skyrocketing. On the other hand, we are trying to reduce transportation costs by reviewing packaging and transportation efficiency,” he added.

Rinnai’s efforts to make progress have proven effective in reducing transportation costs and human labour power, resulting in a reduction of the cost of Rinnai’s products and keeping customers around the world happy. (ANI)