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Powrful Quake Strikes Near Okinawa, Tsunami Warnings Issued

NAHA, Apr 03 (News On Japan) –
An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of seven.7 struck close to Taiwan at 8:58 AM on April 3, triggering tsunami warnings for the primary island of Okinawa and the Miyako and Yaeyama areas, later downgraded to tsunami advisories at 10:40 AM.

So far, tsunamis measuring 30 centimeters at 9:18 AM on Yonaguni Island and 20 centimeters at 9:52 AM on Ishigaki Island have been noticed.

In Miyakojima, tsunamis measuring 20 centimeters at 10:08 AM and 30 centimeters at 10:50 AM have been recorded.

Regarding damages brought on by the earthquake, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi said that info continues to be being collected and that, as of now, there have been no experiences of harm.

Additionally, authorities in Taiwan report important injury, together with collapsed buildings within the metropolis of Hualien.

Taiwanese authorities have issued tsunami warnings and are calling for vigilance.

Source: ANN