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NTT Communications organises ICT business forum

Tokyo [Japan], October 31 (ANI): Technology has become a major part of everyone’s lives. Recently, the Japanese Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, NTT Communications organized an annual business forum. NTT Communications is contributing to industrial progress by utilising its ICT solutions, including 5G.

Toru Maruoka, President of NTT Communications, said that the ICT company needs to provide a safe environment for communication to cope with a “strong and active society” in the future.

President and CEO of NTT Communications, Toru Maruoka, said, “Our ICT company provides an environment where people can communicate securely anytime, anywhere, without mobile or fixed boundaries.”The highlight of this forum was a new solution using 5G.

Tadashi Takayama, NTT Communications, said, “The highlights include new solutions such as drones and robots using 5G technology and solutions using location measurements with 5G technology. We believe that everything using 5G technology will be essential in the age of IOT.”The forest industry’s goal was to maintain the forest environment despite labour power shortages.

To solve this, NTT Communications introduced a system of “Forest industry never step into the forest”. Under this, the Grass cutting machine will be controlled by an ICT device.

Ryuta Yoshimura, NTT Communications, said, “We are demonstrating the remote control of the grass-cutting machine to lower manpower and improve the efficiency of the operation. We utilize the LTE relay balloon, which is on display here, to eliminate out-of-area coverage and involve forests in the area. That’s the second demonstration.”Global Navigation Satellite System provides precise GPS information.

In the case of smartphones or car navigation systems, GPS information has several meters of measurement error.

Keita Sato, NTT Communications, said, “The use of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and drone in driving or automatic flight based on accurate location information can greatly improve workability and prevent accidents.”Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provides more precise GPS information, reducing measurement error to several centimetres.

To realise a convenient and safe life in the near future, NTT Communications technology is essential. (ANI)