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NTT Communications develops data-sharing eco-system

Tokyo [Japan], October 12 (ANI): Japan’s NTT Communications has introduced a fresh technology to establish a global data cooperation infrastructure.

NTT Communications is proposed to cooperate with CATENA-X, the data cooperation infrastructure of the German car industry and it is developing cooperation with European data transaction infrastructure GAIA-X.

The data covers the lifetime of car designing, production and gathering of material parts, car production, sales and recycling. Moreover, its data includes effective factory operation, CO2 emission, energy saving and so on.

According to Akira Sakaino of NTT Communications, the communication interface specific to the productive factory is supporting CATENA-X and GAIA-X and network service is also available for OT (Operational Technology) and international data platforms.

“It is targeted to collect and analyze data in the production scene. It is the system that the edge computer layer and cloud and field system work together to collect and analyze data in the best place and then feedback to the production scene to optimize production,” Akira Sakaino said.

Partner Company OMRON, which covers diverse industrial fields and global production factories, provides various factory operation data to NTT Communications to realize smooth global data exchange through all supply chains.

In Europe, data cooperation infrastructure is progressing keenly. EU battery directive covers all supply chains of batteries is equivalent to CO2 emission of production, pick up metal mine and also on.

In another statement, Akira Sakaino said, “NTT Communications believes that it is desirable for Japan to establish a database similar to GAIA-X and link it with a foreign base. Companies in various industries such as manufacturing, finance, electricity, agriculture, transportation, etc. will connect with each other to manage the manufacturing supply chain using security and portability, and create international interoperability.””In order to realize it, we have proposed to the Japanese Government, industry organizations, and various companies to develop a global data link infrastructure, and we are currently working on connecting manufacturing supply chains, focusing on the automobile industry,” Sakaino added.

NTT Communications will contribute to drawing effective future industrial maps solving environmental subjects, energy subjects, and effective factory operations. (ANI)