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“Ninja Bear” lastly exterminated after greater than 60 cow assaults

TOKYO, Aug 24 (News On Japan) –
A bear known as “OSO18” that attacked greater than 60 cows in Hokkaido over the previous 4 years was exterminated on Tuesday.

The bear launched the assaults late at night time or throughout the early morning, selectively concentrating on cows that have been grazing or transferring by way of streams. Due to its elusive nature, leaving virtually no hint, the scary beast was known as the “Ninja Bear.”

The first assault occurred within the city of Shikaribetsu in japanese Hokkaido in July 2019, when one cow had its again torn open whereas grazing within the Osotsubetu district.

The bear was known as “OSO18” from the title of the positioning and a 18 cm vast footprint discovered on the scene.

A complete of 66 cows have been attacked over 4 years in Shikaribetsu city and the neighboring city of Akkeshi.

With every cow valued at a number of hundred thousand yen, the harm invoice quantities to round 33 million yen.

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