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Ma Ying-jeou visits Hunan University

CHANGSHA, April 2 (Xinhua) — Ma Ying-jeou, former chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang get together, led a bunch of Taiwan college students to Hunan University on Sunday morning.

Ma and different visitors visited the thousand-year-old Yuelu Academy on the campus, a prestigious historic academy that was based in 976 and have become a part of Hunan University.

They then reviewed the historical past of the Chinese folks combating the Japanese aggression at a former website the place a ceremony to just accept Japanese invaders’ give up in components of the Hunan Province was held in 1945.

At the National Supercomputing Center in Changsha, an information computing institute situated within the college, about 60 college students throughout the Taiwan Strait communicated with one another, having heated discussions about carrying ahead the Chinese tradition and different matters, together with employment and beginning companies.

The folks in Taiwan and on the mainland share the identical tradition and ethnic identification, Ma mentioned, noting that it’s vitally necessary that each side of the Strait adhere to the one-China precept.

“It is hoped that based on this precondition, efforts will be made to reduce estrangement and hold sincere exchanges across the Strait,” Ma mentioned.