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Japan to designate fire ants as an alien species that requires urgent action

TOKYO, Nov 29 (NHK) –
The Japanese government has decided to step up measures against highly venomous fire ants by designating them as an invasive alien species that requires urgent action.

Government officials made the decision amid a rise in cases nationwide involving fire ants. They fear the species, indigenous to South America, are on the brink of becoming established in Japan.

More than 90 cases have been reported since 2017, when fire ants were first found in Japan. In October, more than 10,000 fire ants were discovered in a shipping container that had been unloaded at Fukuyama Port in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The designation is based on the revised invasive alien species law, which will allow the government to take certain measures starting next April if fire ants are found in imported goods, at ports or elsewhere.

The measures will include movement bans, and inspections, the disposal or disinfection of goods and facilities by the government even after customs clearance.
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