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Japan Pledges Further $3.9 Billion to Semiconductor Pioneer Rapidus

TOKYO, Apr 03 (News On Japan) –
The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) has introduced a call to supply as much as 590 billion yen in extra assist for “Rapidus,” a venture aimed toward home mass manufacturing of next-generation semiconductors.

Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Saito, acknowledged, “This year is recognized as a very important one for Rapidus.”

Rapidus plans to begin mass manufacturing of next-generation semiconductors, utilized in smartphones and synthetic intelligence (AI), with circuit widths of two nanometers or much less by round 2027 throughout the nation.

The newly introduced 590 billion yen in assist can be allotted to gear set up and analysis and growth on the manufacturing base presently below development in Chitose, Hokkaido.

Previously, METI had selected 330 billion yen in assist for Rapidus, bringing the entire assist to almost 1 trillion yen.

Minister Saito expressed, “We want to commit our full effort towards achieving success.”

Source: ANN