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Japan marks 100 years since Great Kanto Quake with catastrophe drills nationwide

TOKYO, Sep 01 (usnews.com) –
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida staged a televised catastrophe drill on Friday primarily based on a fictional earthquake within the Tokyo area, as his nation marked the centennial of the real-life 1923 Great Kanto Quake that killed greater than 100,000 individuals.

The 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the Sagamihara space, southwest of Tokyo, on September 1, 1923, simply earlier than midday, triggered a widespread inferno, inflicting a lot of the victims to perish within the fireplace.

The blaze destroyed almost 300,000 Japanese paper-and-wood properties because the nation suffered main social and financial harm simply because it was looking for to modernise.

In the aftermath, hundreds of ethnic Koreans had been killed as police and others responded to baseless rumors that Koreans had been poisoning wells. The rampage has by no means totally been acknowledged by the federal government.

Japanese officers are frightened one other devastating tremblor might occur once more. On Friday, the drill simulated the aftermath of a fictional 7.3-magnitude tremblor in central Tokyo at 7 a.m. Kishida and his Cabinet ministers, sporting matching light-blue uniforms, walked to the prime minister’s workplace for an emergency response assembly to debate preliminary measures with hypothetically hard-hit Sagamihara metropolis, the 1923 epicenter.
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