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IC Net says there is urgent need for assistance for Ukrainian refugees


In mid-July, IC Net, a subsidiary of the Gakken Group, conducted on-site assistance activities and needs assessment as the first phase of its aid to Ukrainian refugee children in Romania and Moldova. The team also implemented several small-scale assistance programs with the refugees.

Romania and Moldova each host approximately 80,000 refugees from Ukraine. IC Net experts interviewed local aid organizations and inspected shelters, and found that children, who make up one-third of the refugees, face various challenges, particularly in education.

Gakken Workbooks are popular at orphanages. Photo: IC Net

The Gakken Group approved an international aid package in advance and gave the green light to immediate assistance to help improve the refugees’ quality of life.

The IC Net team provided immediate, on-the-spot aid. It also observed that people were starting to feel “inspection fatigue.” Team members heard that there are many cases where people come from overseas to visit and promise support, but leave without providing any assistance, and the team sometimes received verbal rejection of their visit because of this.


Consultation on renovating a room that had to accept more people than it could accommodate Photo: IC Net

More information on the type of aid provided can be found here.

Future Activities

The Gakken Group is committed to providing medium- to long-term assistance for Ukranian refugees and welcomes other public and private organizations that are interested in working with it.

For more information, please contact the Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Project at team_ukra[email protected]

About IC Net

IC Net Limited is an international development consulting firm that works on resolving social issues to make the world a better place.  Since its establishment in 1993, it has been active in more than 150 countries entrusted by contracts with national and local governments, multilateral donors, and international aid organizations.

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