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Foreign Minister Hayashi talks with Turkish Foreign Minister “Proceeding with recovery and reconstruction support for major earthquakes” | NHK


Foreign Minister Hayashi met with Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu in Belgium, where he was visiting, and conveyed his intention to promote support for recovery and reconstruction from the major earthquake that occurred in February this year.

The meeting between Minister for Foreign Affairs Hayashi and Minister for Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu was held in the early hours of the 5th, Japan time, for approximately 25 minutes.

At the meeting, Minister Hayashi conveyed his condolences to those who died in the major earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey in February this year and his sympathy to the victims.

On top of that, Japan, which has experienced many earthquakes, intends to promote support for the recovery and reconstruction of Turkey, such as technologies related to earthquake disaster response, life reconstruction such as infrastructure restoration, and economic and industrial reconstruction. I told you.

In response, Minister Cavusoglu expressed his gratitude and expressed his expectations for future assistance.

In addition, the two foreign ministers exchanged views on the international situation, including Ukraine, and confirmed that they would work together on negotiations toward an early agreement on an EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) between the two countries.