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Experience the “my own shape” WBC victory found by Aki Sasaki | NHK


Roki Sasaki, a professional baseball pitcher of Lotte, who pitched for the first time this season on the 6th, won his first victory with a good throw that held 1 hits in 6 innings with no runs and 11 strikeouts with a fork ball.

After returning to Japan, pitcher Sasaki clearly expressed to the reporters the change in his state of mind that had occurred through the valuable experience of winning the WBC title.

In addition, pitcher Sasaki embodied the change of mind he felt at the WBC in another way. That’s the powerful fist pump after striking out, and the way he motivates his teammates from the bench after coming off the mound.

It was exactly as the word “enjoy your own play and team play”.

Asked by the press after the game if he enjoyed the game, pitcher Sasaki said, “There were many batters who had one shot in the numbing development that continued with one point difference, but I was able to control myself well and throw it.” I answered with a satisfied expression.

And in the hero interview, he told the fans at home who saw his own victory about his determination for this season.

“I was able to experience the good feeling of winning the WBC, so I want to do it so that I can do it at Lotte.”