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Employees strike due to Greece’s world heritage ‘extreme warmth’ | NHK

It has turn into a report warmth not solely in Japan but additionally in Europe, and on the world heritage Acropolis in Athens, the capital of Greece, it was discovered that staff will go on strike due to the extreme warmth.

According to British newspaper Telegraph and Greek media, staff of the world heritage website Acropolis in Athens, the capital of Greece, the place the Parthenon is positioned, are happening strike to protest that they’re working within the scorching warmth.

The Acropolis is generally open from 8am to 8pm, however staff shall be closed from 4pm to 4pm beginning Friday because of the strike.

“Given the problems we have faced in the last few days, we have unanimously decided to take this action to protect the health of our staff as well as our tourists,” the union stated.

The Associated Press reported on the twentieth that the warmth in southern Greece will get even worse later this week, approaching 44 levels Celsius, and the WMO = World Meteorological Organization stated warmth from a warmth wave in Europe might proceed till subsequent month.