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Court orders Tokyo Medical University to pay damages over rigged exams

A Japanese court docket on Friday ordered Tokyo Medical University to pay damages totaling round 18.26 million yen to 27 girls who claimed the varsity rigged its entrance exams in favor of male candidates, depriving them of admission.

In the lawsuit filed with the Tokyo District Court, a complete of 28 girls sought a complete of 152.33 million yen in damages in opposition to the college, saying the gender-based discrimination in entrance exams that got here to gentle in 2018 was unlawful.

The college admitted in 2018 that it had been marking down examination scores since a minimum of 2006 to curb feminine enrollment and people of males who had failed the examination beforehand.

The improper motion was geared toward stopping a scarcity of docs at affiliated hospitals within the perception that girls are likely to resign or take lengthy durations of depart after getting married or giving delivery.

The college manipulated the examination scores “based on gender, which cannot be changed by people’s own efforts or will,” Presiding Judge Kyoko Hiraki stated in handing down the ruling. “It is not a fair and appropriate way.”

If the plaintiffs had been conscious that the outcomes could be tampered with, they might not have taken the examination, Hiraki additionally stated. “This violated the freedom of choosing a university and constituted an unlawful act.”
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