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Top Japanese YouTube channel rating: Who positioned first in 2021?



Have you ever questioned what’s standard amongst younger folks in Japan and what Japanese influencers folks have a tendency to look at? Are you interested in the present trending YouTube channels in Japan?

YouTube is a rising platform, and turning into a YouTuber or gaining a sure variety of subscribers is, undoubtedly, not a straightforward process. In Japan, there’s a appreciable variety of folks watching YouTube.

To discover out who was trending in 2021, Nox Limited did a survey from Jan 1 to Nov 15, 2021. The survey, primarily based on the info of the influencer advertising and marketing evaluation software Nox Influencer contains:

The survey narrowed down the 5 high classes representing round 81% of YouTube content material. Out of this 81%, round 40% of survey respondents have been centered on “Entertainment” (the highest class), adopted by “People & Blogs,” “Gaming,” “Music” and “Sports.”

Ranking of YouTube channels trending in 2021

Below, you may see the summarized record of the highest 20 YouTube Channels:

  1. Tokai OnAir (東海オンエア tōkai on’ea)
  2. Comdot (コムドット komu dotto)
  3. Fischer’s (フィッシャーズ fisshazu)
  4. Mochimaru’s Diary (もちまる日記 mochimaru nikki)
  5. Liberal Arts University President Ryo (両学長 リベラルアーツ大学 ryo gakucho riberaru ātsu daigaku)
  6. 48 (48-フォーエイト foeito)



  1. Johnny’s Jr channel (ジャニーズJr.チャンネル janizu junia channeru)
  2. SutoPuriChannel (すとぷりちゃんねる sutopuri channeru)
  3. Hajime Syacho (hajime) (はじめしゃちょー hajime shacho)

12. Snow Man

  1. Nichijo-gumi (日常組)

14. ヒカル Hikaru


  1. Pmaru-sama (P丸様)
  2. Toei particular results YouTube Official (東映特撮YouTube Official tōei tokusatsu yuchubu ofisharu)
  3. Monst (Monster Strike) official (モンスト(モンスターストライク)公式 Mon suto (monsutā sutoraiku) kōshiki)

19. JO1

  1. Jinnai Tomonori no netajin (陣内智則のネタジン)

Channels with a excessive probability of getting their movies development

  1. Taniyan Tanizaki Takahito (谷やん谷崎鷹人)
  2. Tokai OnAir (東海オンエア tokai on’e


4. Fujii Kaze

  1. Seira せいら
  2. my channel (my channel 【白石麻衣 公式】 Shiraishi Mai koshiki; translation: my channel [MaiS hiraishi official])

7 Bravo Ryo’s Bonsabadu! Channel (ブラーボりょうのボンサバドゥ!チャンネル Burabo Ryo no bonsabadu! channeru)

8. Apex Legends

9. まあたその「ほぼメインチャンネル」(ma taso no `hobo mein channeru’; translation: Maā-taso’s principally important channel)

  1. Cooking Reimu Channel (クッキング霊夢ちゃんねる kukkingu reimu channeru)
  2. Official Hige Dandism (Official髭男dism)
  3. Sashihara Channel (さしはらちゃんねる)

13. Snow Man

14. Naokiman 2nd Channel

15. ふくれな fukurena

16. 妖夢のみょんなお料理ちゃんねる (yomu no myonna oryori channeru; lit. translation: Yomu’s odd cooking channel)

  1. Maruyama Aya channel (丸山礼チャンネル)

18. かす Kasu

19. はじめまして松尾です (hajimemashite matsuo desu; lit. translation: Nice to satisfy you, I’m Matsuo)

  1. Banka Radio (バンカラジオ banka rajio)

I’m additionally an avid viewer of YouTube and luxuriate in watching Japanese YouTube channels or discovering out the present tendencies in Japan.

I’m watching round 50% of the Japanese YouTube channels above, and I’m a fan of Pmaru-sama and fukurena’s movies, so I like to recommend giving them a attempt.

Both have various kinds of content material however are tremendous enjoyable, and so they can even grow to be a follow to your Japanese.

Let us know within the feedback you probably have any Japanese favourite YouTube Channel or in the event you watch any of the channels above.

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