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Osaka Residents Are Getting Mysterious Cash Envelopes In Their Mailboxes



A sequence of unusual incidents befell in a residential space of Asahi District Osaka City. Some randomly chosen residents discovered money envelopes of their mailboxes out of the blue.

Reports declare that the thriller cash first appeared in October when a resident acquired a brown envelope with no markings. It had been left of their mailbox. Soon, the shock money presents began appearing in different neighborhoods.

The money supply was concentrated in a single avenue within the space. Money appeared in postboxes on each side of the slender avenue. These envelopes contained money starting from a number of thousand to greater than 10,000 yen (US$87.59). One resident claimed that they got an envelope with a ten,000-yen word, three 1,000-yen notes. This is equal to US$113.86.

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Residents then known as the police and, after an investigation, they confirmed that this money bonanza gave greater than 200,000 yen ($1,751.81) to totally different residents. Legally, the police have given full authority of the money to the individuals who acquired it, they usually don’t have to report it until they think or discover one thing malicious. But nonetheless, Japanese being Japanese, most of the residents felt uncomfortable receiving money out of nowhere, so even when they have been grateful, they reported it to the police.

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Authorities and residents aren’t certain the place the cash got here from or why it all of a sudden appeared of their neighborhood. However, folks on-line tried to unravel the thriller and replied as if it was Santa handing out presents or if it was a prank from an annoying YouTuber to get their reactions.

Osaka city cash envelope

Despite all of the theories on the web, there’s a really small probability that we might uncover who was behind this. Unless the person comes out themselves, it’s going to stay a thriller.


Source: Soranews24

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