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Lightning strikes sign gear halting Tokyo trains

TOKYO, May 11 (NOJ / TV Asahi) –
A lightning strike on sign gear alongside the Tokyu Toyoko Line, which connects Tokyo and Yokohamaha, has precipitated operations to be suspended between Shibuya Station and Musashi Kosugi Station.

According to Tokyu Corporation, at round 4:00 pm on Thursday, sign gear between Toritsudaigaku Station and Denenchofu Station was struck by lightning and stopped working. Due to this, the Tokyu Toyoko Line quickly suspended operations on all traces. As at 5:30 pm, the Toyoko Line between Shibuya Station and Musashi-Kosugi Station and the Meguro Line between Ookayama Station and Musashi-Kosugi Station was nonetheless on maintain.

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