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Japanese Self-Defense Force mulls eradicating its ban on tattoos

A gathering was held this week by Japan’s House of Councilors Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense. Among the subjects mentioned: tattoos.

Japanese society has historically taken a dim view of tattoos, resulting from their lengthy historic affiliation with the yakuza, Japan’s organized crime syndicates. However, Liberal Democratic Party member Masahisa Sato, a former member of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and one of many 5 administrators of the committee, thinks the SDF may do with a softening of its stance in opposition to inked physique artwork.

Currently, candidates seeking to enlist within the SDF have their functions rejected if they’ve tattoos. Sato feels there are two issues with this coverage. Japan’s low delivery fee signifies that the nation’s inhabitants is shrinking and getting old, leaving a smaller and smaller pool of residents who’re throughout the possible age vary for lively SDF service. Further reducing down that candidate pool by dismissing candidates out of hand for having tattoos is just making the scenario harder, Sato asserts. “Rejecting applicants for having tattoos presents a problem in terms of bolstering our number of enlisted personnel.”
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May 12 (ANNnewsCH) – 防衛省は、これまでNGとしてきたタトゥーのある人も自衛官に採用するか検討する意向を示しました。人員不足が深刻化するなか、どうすればなり手を増やせるのか考えます。  …proceed studying

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