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“I am very confident that India will be leader of Global South”: Denmark envoy Freddy Svane

New Delhi [India], September 5 (ANI): Exuding confidence in New Delhi because the”leader of the Global South”, Denmark’s Ambassador to India, Freddy Svane stated that the world wants a rustic like India which believes in democracy and rule of legislation, as various to powers who “debt-trap” the poor international locations.

Svane known as India the”leader of the Global South” and affirmed confidence that New Delhi will construct between the Global South and different international locations within the West.

“Since India has the presidency, I am very confident that India will be the leader of the Global South and will build a bridge between the West, US, Europe and so forth, Japan and the Global South. Mainly in Africa but also in Latin America,” he added.

He known as the G20 Summit the most important likelihood for India to set the path for the longer term world world order.

Speaking to ANI, Svane stated,”India has spent a lot of resources in securing that this summit will be the biggest, the greenest and the most successful one ever in G20. And G20 is much more relevant than we might think because that will set the direction for how we cope with climate change, shortage of food and all these challenges that are putting the world in a big crisis”.

In an obvious reference to China, the Denmark envoy acknowledged that the world wants a rustic that believed in Democracy as an alternative choice to”other powers who are debt-trapping poor countries””My take is very clear. We need an alternative to other powers who are debt-trapping poor countries. We need a country that believes in democracy, in the rule of law and that’s India, India is an alternative to a better future where we also work with countries in such a way that we’re not being trapped by debt but they are being given new opportunities. Luckily, India is taking the lead. We will have a fantastic summit under the Indian leadership,” he stated.

Svane additional stated that the G20 Summit is the most important likelihood for India to set the path for the longer term world world order, and everyone seems to be hopeful that India’s presidency will additional facilitate dealing with the worldwide challenges”This is the biggest challenge ever for this world. But it is also the biggest chance for India to set the direction for the future global world order that is what India is going to do. We are so hopeful that India will keep the compass and ensure that the needle is pointing at the global agenda that will make us capable of handling all the challenges that we are facing, including climate, shortage of food, fuel, and fertilizers. How do we deal with climate, financing, and digitisation,” the Denmark envoy stated.

He added,”So great hopes as to the Indian presidency…it is so important that the global Leaders Summit being here in India in Delhi, they agree to a kind of common agenda based on a common perception of all these challenges that we are facing. You are suffering, I am suffering. We can live with that, butall people who are living in very poor conditions across the world, need our actions”. (ANI)