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China Politburo member Wang Yi and President Putin’s closest aide meet to verify unity | NHK

Wang Yi, a member of the Politburo who oversees international affairs in China, and Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council, one of many closest aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin, met in South Africa, the place a global convention is being held, and reaffirmed the solidarity between the 2 nations.

Politburo member Wang Yi, who oversees international affairs in China, and Russian Security Council secretary Patrushev met on the twenty fourth in Johannesburg, South Africa, the place the BRICS (Five Emerging Countries) Conference is being held.

According to China’s international ministry, Wang emphasised that “China wants to further strengthen strategic communication with Russia.”

After that, he stated, “China hopes to cooperate closely with the BRICS countries such as Russia and protect the common interests of many developing countries,” aiming to construct a multipolar worldwide order in opposition to the West.

In response, Patrushev stated, taking into consideration the state of affairs in Ukraine and the battle between the United States and China, “Russia and China oppose the Cold War thinking that will bring tension to regional and international affairs.”

It appears that China and Russia are aiming to verify the United States by reconfirming their solidarity and displaying a stance of emphasizing the BRICS framework.