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Bundelkhand has reached new heights of development under BJP government: CM Yogi

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 24 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday said that Bundelkhand, which is a reservoir of natural resources, has reached new heights of development.

“Bundelkhand, which was formerly known for drought, misery, and anarchy, has reached new heights of development. Natural resources were abundant in Bundelkhand, however, they were previously looted there. The Prime Minister wanted Bundelkhand to emerge from this situation,”Yogi said while launching 102 development projects worth Rs 328 crores in Jhansi.

The CM further added by saying “Here, the Bundelkhand Expressway was constructed, which the Prime Minister dedicated to the nation this year, and as a result, Bundelkhand is now seeing unprecedented growth. Now the distance from Bundelkhand to Delhi is covered in five hours.”Addressing the Prabbhudhjan Sammelan, the Chief Minister expressed gratitude towards the people for bringing back the BJP in power during the assembly elections.

“As per the vision of the Prime Minister, we implemented the Jal Jeevan Mission, and now water is reaching every house. Very soon, each and every house in Bundelkhand will have pure drinking water, which itself will cure half of the diseases,” the CM said.

He continued by saying that having access to clean drinking water makes it simpler to achieve the objective of “Ease of Living.”Stating that two important units of the Defence Corridor are being built in Jhansi and Chitrakoot, the CM said, “Continuous development works are underway in Bundelkhand. Today, the connectivity of Bundelkhand has improved a lot. The youth of Bundelkhand are getting jobs and employment.””The influence of mafias and criminals has come to an end here. These mafias used to illegally capture the property of the poor and businessmen earlier. Now the government has started the recovery along with interest. Now, the process of building houses for the poor has been started on their property,” he added as he highlighted his government’s achievements in eliminating mafia culture.

“Before 2017, even the police used to find themselves helpless. Today, the police in UP are ensuring that mafias are doomed,” remarked CMThe Chief Minister also released a coffee table book based on tourism development during the programme.

Recalling the contribution of Maharani Lakshmi Bai who sacrificed her life for the freedom of the country, the CM assured people that Bundelkhand would no longer be in poor condition.

“The work of development is continuously being carried out by the government. The government is working to provide the poor access to homes, water, toilets, cooking gas, and electrical connections, among other things,” he said.

He said that several locations have CCTV cameras installed. “The BJP government’s responsibility is to create a feeling of security. The security atmosphere is excellent right now; there are no riots, hooliganism, or chaos in the state.”The CM went on to say that the government’s top priority is to execute the Prime Minister’s schemes. The government is working to give every widow, every disabled a pension, every poor person a shelter, and every unemployed person a job.

He added that in Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister had lauded the Jhansi woman’s daughter for cultivating strawberries under one roof.

Informing people that the Global Investors Summit will be held in Lucknow from February 10 to 12, 2023, in which there will be a discussion on investing widely in the state, the CM asked people to join the state in making Uttar Pradesh a one trillion US dollar economy. (ANI)