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Here is very first take a look at brand-new Ultraman motion picture from ‘Evangelion’ developer Hideaki Anno



Watching “Evangelion,” you could discover that its battles really feel various from various other huge robotic anime. That’s since Eva attracts most greatly not from various other anime sci-fi battles, however from the roars in between the costumed heroes as well as rubber-suit beasts of timeless live-action kaiju as well as tokusatsu manufacturings.

Eva developer Hideaki Anno has actually constantly used his love for both on his sleeve, finishing in his routing 2016’s “Shin Godzilla.” Now, Anno is helming one more reputation manufacturing, the upcoming “Shin Ultraman,” as well as the motion picture’s very first trailer has actually simply been launched.

In as well as of themselves, staged functions in the Ultraman franchise business aren’t anything brand-new, with near 3 lots launched because 1967, consisting of one each for the previous 6 years. But while Ultraman is never ever a straight-up funny, it’s constantly been very first as well as primary for youngsters, with also its in-universe remarkable minutes really feeling type of hammy to developed target markets. “Shin Ultraman,” nevertheless, resembles it’s choosing the exact same severe, fully grown tone that “Shin Godzilla” carried out so well, making it one of the most seriously well-known outing for the kaiju king in years.

The dialogue-free intro trailer does not offer us any type of concrete story information, however it appears that Neronga as well as Gabora, 2 Ultraman enemies that debuted back in the initial 1966 TELEVISION collection, depend on no great, as well as likewise looking even more scary than ever before (on the other hand, Anno appears devoted to maintaining Ultraman himself near the hero’s initial aesthetic style).


Several followers likewise see resemblances to the inhuman aliens from “Evangelion.”

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 12.25.00.png

Anno is attributed with preparation as well as scriptwriting for “Shin Ultraman,” with long time innovative companion Shinji Higuchi provided as supervisor. The 2 functioned as co-directors for “Shin Godzilla,” as well as Higuchi likewise routed both live-action “Attack on Titan” films (though some individuals might still be attempting to obstruct their presence from their memories).

The trailer likewise offers us a peek at a file entitled “Investigative Report on Giant Humanoid Organism Ultraman (Code Name),” suggesting that this will certainly be a beginning tale, embeded in its very own timeline independent from the remainder of the franchise business.


“Shin Ultraman” need to be showing up in movie theaters at some point this summertime, the trailer guarantees, through which time we might or might not have actually had the ability to lastly see the last “Evangelion” motion picture.

Source: YouTube/ 東宝MOVIEチャンネル through Otakomu

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