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China slams U.S. move to pressure others to join tech blockade


BEIJING, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) — Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Monday criticised the U.S. plan to pressure Japan and the Netherlands to join it to block the flow of advanced chip technology to China.

“This is not the way an open and honest major country would act,” Zhao told a regular news briefing when asked to comment on the U.S. move.

But then again, there is nothing new about the way the U.S. abuses its state power and tech advantage and coerces its allies economically just to perpetuate its hegemonic power and selfish interests, he said.

Zhao said the U.S. keeps politicizing tech and trade issues, turning them into a tool and basing them on ideologies.

“The world sees clearly what the U.S. is up to. Anyone who tries to block others’ way will only have his own path blocked,” he said.

He called on relevant parties to adopt an objective and fair stance, take into account their long-term interests and the fundamental interests of the international community and come to the right, independent conclusions.